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Jafco Spannapuller Type 1

Code: 032296
Spannerpuller With Multi-Purpose Fishbolt Spanner for (1.5/8″ and 1.7/8″ nuts) and Panpuller end
Colour: Orange
  • 6.30KG
  • Carry Strap
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Jafco Spannapuller Type 1

The JAFCO SPANNAPULLER TYPE 1 combines the features of JAFCO’s Multi-purpose Spanner (dual size spanner for 1 5/8″ and 1 7/8″ fishbolts, and a special flat surface for driving in wooden and steel bull head keys) with a Pandrol panpuller head for Pandrol Brand e, P and PR Series Rail Clips.

Manufacturer Jafco Tools Manufacturer Code SP1158/O