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Grit Bin Yellow 14 Cubic Foot

Code: 032776
Strong durable grit bin.
Size: 750 x 490 x 890MM
Colour: Yellow
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Grit Bin Yellow 14 Cubic Foot

Produced from prime UV stabilised polyethylene, giving a durable yet rigid heavy duty product which is corrosion proof, weather proof and able to withstand the common winter elements. Designed to be fully stackable to their given size and are forklift able from base for ease of transport and storage. All designs have a double skinned lid for increased rigidity and strength; lids are fully hinged to the base with a full length hinge rod to ensure there are no weaknesses on a joint. A hasp and staple lock can also be fitted for security if required.

Manufacturer Oaklands Plastics Manufacturer Code 400GRB