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KeepSAFE Burns First Aid Kit

Code: 030398
The contents of this kit have been updated to produce a compact, modern comprehensive burns kit. Ideal for small offices, kitchens or other areas where burns present a hazard.
Colour: Orange
KeepSAFE Burns First Aid Kit

Specifically stocked for treating burns. Provides fast and effective treatment. Includes various size burn dressings. Contents: 1 Bandage, Conforming 5cm x 4m 1 Bandage, Conforming 7.5cm x 4m, 4 Burn Dressings, 2.5cm x 5cm, 3 Burn Dressings, 10cm x 10cm, 8 Burn Gel, Sachets 3.5g, 2 Eye Wash, Pods 20ml, 1 Foil Blanket, Adult, 1 Gloves, Pair, 1 Guidance Leaflet, 1 Shears, 1 Tape, Microporous 1.25cm x 1m

Manufacturer KeepSAFE Manufacturer Code 254960000

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