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InstantGEL COMPLETE 700ML (Skin Safety Cradle)

Code: 030909
Alcohol gel based instant skin sanitiser for the rapid and convenient disinfection of hands of outdoor workers. Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.
Size: 700ML
InstantGEL COMPLETE 700ML (Skin Safety Cradle)

Advanced alcohol gel formula is easy-to-apply to provide an economical and convenient method of rapidly disinfecting clean skin. Contains Panthanol to help condition the skin and prevent dryness. No need to rinse with water or wipe-off with towels. Excellent bacteria static activity against gram +ve and gram –ve bacteria and fungi. Dries quickly on the skin to leave a smooth, non-greasy after-feel. Meets microbiological performance standards EN12054, EN1275 and EN1500. Many years proven use through millions of applications. Not tested on animals.

Manufacturer SC Johnson Professional Manufacturer Code CRA36O