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Personal Protective Equipment

Products in this section have been carefully selected to offer a good range of products that comply with Directive 89/686/EEC1 - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).  Under this directive the basic health and safety requirements are adhered to by working to the European standards, which set the highest possible requirements and do not allow for additional national provisions within that standard, thereby setting minimum European standards.


CE implies that the PPE complies with the basic requirements laid down by the EEC directive: Personal Protective Equipment


Simple Design - for minimal risks only. Suitable only for low risk applications where hazards can be identified by the wearer in time to deal with them.


Intermediate Design - reversible risks. Products are type examined by an approved body where they examine the manufacturers’ technical specifications and conduct tests for the relevant standards to ascertain their conformity and/or performance.


Potentially fatal risks, for example in activities where toxic or highly corrosive chemicals are handled. The Personal Protective Equipment must meet the standards set out for this category. Its compliance is not only certified but also checked by a notified body, the reference number of which is located below the CE logo.

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