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Ear Protection


The ear is a very delicate part of the body and some of the damage that noise can cause is often nonrecoverable. Hearing loss is cumulative over a period of years, many individuals will not realise that their hearing is being affected. We stock a full range of hearing protection products to meet the requirements of EN352 - 1, EN352 -2or EN352 -3.:2002 as appropriate.

Our broad range of products can provide solutions for virtually any noise hazard that may be experienced in the workplace. Please contact us if you require more information.


Each item of hearing protection states an SNR rating. The SNR (Standard Noise Level Reduction) or single number rating as it is also known as, indicates the general level of noise reduction in decibels that the wearer is likely to experience. For example, if an earplug states an SNR of 30, then when the workplace noise level is 105 decibels, the wearer will be exposed to 75 decibels. The SNR rating is a generalisation of the overall protection for the purposes of comparison but the actual level of protection offered will vary according to the frequency of the noise.


The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 came into force in Great Britain on 6th April 2006 and requires that any persons working in noise levels between 80dBA (Lower Action Level) & 85dBA (Upper Action Level) must be provided with suitable hearing protection on request. Where noise levels are at or above 85dBA suitable hearing protection MUST BE SUPPLIED AND WORN.

In addition, the new “Exposure Limit Value” requires that no worker may be exposed to more than “87dBA 8 Hour Equivalent” under any circumstances, taking into account any hearing protection worn, (the 87dBA level is that INSIDE the Hearing Protector). There are also new “Action Values” for IMPACT NOISE and the requirement for Risk Assessments in the workplace is reinforced by Article 4 of the new Directive.


A traditional method of ear protection. Today’s range of muffs cope with a very wide spectrum of industrial hazards. It is important to study the attenuation characteristics of each model as they do vary in performance across the range of sound frequency.


Head and ear protection in one. Today’s models are styled to be sensibly ‘parked’ when not in use.


Can be worn conveniently with all other PPE items. Easy to use, with attenuation provided often exceeding that of ear defenders, whilst disposable they provide excellent protection with long term comfort.


Ear muffs and plugs are tested to the relevant European Standards and are CE marked.

EN 352 Part 1 Ear defenders

EN 352 Part 2 Ear plugs

EN 352 Part 3 Helmet mounted ear defenders

EN 352 Part 4 Level Dependent ear defenders

EN 352 Part 5 Active noise reduction ear defenders

EN 352 Part 6 Ear defenders with electrical audio input

EN 352 Part 7 Level Dependent ear plugs

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