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Denso Tape 8101104 100MMx10M

Code: 031512
Denso Tape; the renowned multi-purpose, surface tolerant anti-corrosion petrolatum tape for steel pipes, fittings and structural steel.
Size: 100MM x 10M
Colour: Brown
Denso Tape 8101104 100MMx10M

Easy to apply. Flexible and mouldable. Cold applied. Surface tolerant. Can be applied over thin layers of tightly adhering rust. Self adhesive. Easily removed for substrate inspection. Cost effective. Can be applied to cold, wet surfaces that are minimally prepared. Provides long term anti-corrosion protection for above and below-ground pipes, flanges, valves and related surfaces. A component of Denso’s recommended system for P1 protection.

Manufacturer EHM Manufacturer Code 12 Rolls