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JSP Surevit Polycarbonate Visor Clear 20CM

Code: 034801
Replacement polycarbonate visor for JSP Surefit visor carrier.
Size: 20CM
Colour: Clear
JSP Surevit Polycarbonate Visor Clear 20CM

Protection will only be offered if the visor carrier and a visor are fitted correctly to a suitable Industrial Safety Helmet with the helmet attachment kit
If the visor becomes scratched or damaged they should be replaced, likewise if the visor is subjected to severe impact it should be replaced immediately Do not apply paint, solvents, adhesives or self-adhesive labels, except in accordance with instructions from the manufacturer The visor, when in contact with the skin may cause allergic reactions to susceptible individuals If this occurs leave the hazard area, remove the eyeshield and seek medical advice

Manufacturer JSP