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NLG Tether Loop Green 120MM

Code: 031553
Tether Loops™ are a simple easy-to-install solution to create a secure tether point on tools with a captive hole. Consisting of a tough steel core with an anti-puncture sleeve they are perfect for harsh and dirty work environments.
Size: 120MM
NLG Tether Loop Green 120MM

Tether Loops™ create a rapid tether point suitable for any tool with a captive hole or handle – or even a shaped tool. So whether it’s a hammer, saw or spanner, Tether Loops™ are effortless to self-install anywhere at any time. With its specially developed one-way thread and Lock Alert™ indicator for checking it is correctly installed, Tether Loops™ are a simple and time-saving method of creating an attachment point that is approved and third-party tested. Each Tether Loop™ comes with its own unique serial number. A tough aircraft-grade steel core with an extended thread mechanism ensures a fail-safe attachment point for tools up to 3kg in weight.

Manufacturer NLG Manufacturer Code 101380