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Our team of sales staff are highly trained and are fully conversant with all the products shown on this web site and are able to offer advice on any item if you are unsure.

This support extends further, not only by phone, fax and email but if you need to see someone in person, we have a team of sales people ready to drop in and discuss your requirements - a business to business partnership.

All the products we sell are constantly checked for durability, safety and that they are manufactured using the best quality and where possible, environmentally friendly materials available.

All items are sourced from reputable companies and manufacturers - frequently brand leaders with whom we have close relationships ensuring the latest products are available at the most reasonable prices.





 Inhouse safety sign printing 

Garment Printing Inside one of our warehouses with 2 guys rivetting and spraying

Inhouse services we offer include

  • A riveting service for road signs; you can have the sign and frame of your choice delivered ready for use.
  • A garment printing and embroidery service. Advertise your company and help reduce "loss" on site.
  • We do the same for helmets and other items - your name and logo enhances your company image.
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