EHM recognise the importance of minimising companies impact on the environment and have set up

initiatives with leading manufacturers to help recycle damaged /worn products.

One such way is to use a service called reconditioning details of this service are outlined below.

We can also arrange for all damaged and worn road safety equipment to be recycled  back at the manufacturer of the product which not only eliminates landfill costs but a document can be provided detailing that the product has been recycled back into new products, which can then be shown to the client demonstrating that the product has not been landfilled.

EHM are in the process of being assessed to BS EN14001 and the attached statement demonstrates our continuing commitment to lessen our impact on the environment.




Road Cone Recycling


The cost of storing, disposing and replacing old two partmotorway cones can be extremely high. Reduce these costs now by taking advantage of our new reconditioning service. Reconditioning is a unique service whereby we refurbish your old two-part motorway cones. We fit a new blow moulded multifit top, complete with a Sealbrite™ designation 2 sleeve to your existing bases. When finished, we ensure that all refurbished cones are shrink wrapped onto pallets for delivery.

This service is far cheaper than buying replacement cones, and with landfill taxation rapidly rising not only cost effective but also an environmentally friendly solution. High profile work can have a fully conforming clean set of cones with substantially lower costs than purchasing new. Any one metre, two part motorway cone can be reconditioned.



It is the policy of EHM Limited to ensure that our business practices protect the welfare of our employees and the communities in which we operate. Excellence in environmental performance is consistent with our business objectives and we believe that the environmental management policy set out below embraces the standards that we would wish from all our business activities.

EHM Limited has adopted the following principles to implement our environmental policy for its operations.

  • Ensure that the environmental impacts of our operations are documented and that the appropriate programmes are implemented to minimise these impacts. Our environmental performance against these programmes will be monitored and audited as an integral part of our activities.

  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislations and business requirements and develop relationships with environmental regulators, our suppliers and contractors and the local community to ensure that this policy is maintained and monitored.

  • Design and alter our management systems or equipment, if required, to minimise our environmental impact especially in the areas of waste generation, pollution control and energy use.

  • Communicate this policy to, and foster environmental responsibility among, our Team; provide appropriate training and encourage members of our Team to introduce initiatives to complement our environmental policies.

  • Be open and responsive to environmental expectations and the concerns of our Team, government agencies and the public by providing and publishing relevant information about our environment policy and the environmental impacts of our operations.

  • Regard sound environmental management as an integral part of our total quality commitment and to apply the policy of constant improvement to all our activities.

  • Ensure our Team are aware of our Environmental Management Policy and to encourage them to adopt similar principles.

Mr Steve Carpenter
Commercial Director


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